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We import, manufacture and supply thousands of stores with amber.

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Amber Museum

From now on Amber Museum is open for all visitors and ready to receive you and reveal the treasures it has inside. Our museum has one of the greatest collections in the world and the items it presents are real masterpieces, unique in their quality and surely quantity. They are made of natural amber with hands of professional European designers, who enclosed their souls in creating them.

We encourage you to observe our museum with great accuracy and get ready for the auction! There is only one condition that is obligatory before entering our Amber Museum; you have to get acquainted with the "host"! Hold your brief; here he comes…..His Majesty Amber!

Amber Museum

Amber is fossilized resin the source of which is bark of trees; though not all tree resins can form amber, as most of them easily break down. Amber has antiseptic properties that protect the tree from different diseases. It looks like a wax of a candle and is very sticky to the touch. Often as it comes out, insects and other organisms get stuck in it and remain inside the sticky material without spoiling or changing their appearance. Even some unknown creatures have been examined after being trapped in amber for millions of years.

When resin finally falls to the ground, it becomes incorporated into the soil and sediments, and over many years turns into amber. Once resin is exuded it hardens and later undergoes a process called polymerization. Many scientists came to the conclusion that this process was a matter of time and estimated it as taking from 2-10 million years. Generally amber contains 79% carbon, 10% hydrogen and 11% oxygen, including also some percent of sulphur. It can’t be affected by alcohol and can be easily scratched, as it is not very hard (about as hard as a fingernail). Some pieces of amber contain air bubbles which make it light and allow it to float on the surface of water. Amber can melt at point range of 200-380C, but it will rather turn black and burn than melt. It is warm to touch and will produce static electricity if rubbed.

Amber Museum

The most common use for amber is in jewelry. Amber is popular because it is light, warm to the touch, soft to carve and beautiful to look at. The most common amber in Western Europe comes from the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea, such as Poland, Russia, Germany, Denmark and Lithuania. Baltic and Dominican amber is the best known and has widely spread commercial use. It comes from a deposit that lies below the water table, extends out into the Baltic Sea and is called Blue Earth. Storms can rip out amber from there and wash it up to the shore. When fresh, Baltic amber is lemon-yellow or orange and can be cloudy or clear. Clear amber contains insects but cloudy one doesn’t, though you can easily see its inner design. The cloudiness is caused by millions of microscopic air bubbles, a high content of which can make it white thus creating bone amber. Now, that you have got to know amber much better, prepare to enter one of the most beautiful and powerful kingdoms in the world of jewelry, Kingdom of Amber!

Museum Quality Chess SetMuseum Quality Chess Set

This one of a kind museum quality chess set was designed by a master Polish artist. Using top quality Baltic Amber, it took the craftsman five years to finish the set. Pieces up to 3.5” in height are carved to perfection with intricate aesthetics and detail conveying their medieval time period. Protect and store this masterpiece in its own custom made leather storage box. This truly unique set with its rich history is on par with the most prestigious and valuable chess collections.  

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