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We import, manufacture and supply thousands of stores with amber.

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How to care

10 Golden Rules to take care of amber !

Amber is a delicate and a gentle stone that must be treated with respect and taken good care of. There are certain rules that you have to follow to keep your amber jewelry in a perfect condition:
1. Never leave your amber under direct sunlight.
2. Keep your jewelry away from too much hot or cold temperature.
3. Always apply your perfume and hairspray before wearing the jewelry.
4. Never wash dishes or do laundry with your jewelry on.
5. Do not cook or clean your house with household cleansers while wearing an amber product.
6. Store your amber in a separate jewelry casket and protect it from getting in touch with other materials.
7. Clean your jewelry every time you wear it.
8. Ultrasonic or steam cleaner isn’t suitable for cleaning amber.
9. Always clean your amber jewelry with a mild solution of soapy and slightly warm water and use a flannel cloth.
10. Polish and make it shiny with olive oil and a soft cloth.

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